Heartzmail: Updates on your transaction records

OK, we hit a stone, stumbled a little and almost fell. Well almost.

The past year have seen me and my associate developers dug rather deep into additional tech development for the Heartzmail print queue. The key area of work has been to implement an integration with Ablemedia’s HQ-postcard system. (more on the Ablemedia story in another blog post)

As exciting as it is, the coin always comes with both sides. As systems get more complex, especially when interfacing with different programming languages and technology layers, bad things can happen.

Legacy issues and regression bugs, to name a few.

One of the side effect of this new work got our job completion and transaction system into some troubles. So this is what we did as an interim solution.

  1. Remove all duplicate records.
  2. Channel the transaction updates to another table for monitoring.
  3. Halt the production copy. We need to choose the lesser of two evils.
  4. No disruption to all scheduled and on-demand print jobs for all services.

Now that we’ve ironed out the major issues, your transaction records are back to normal service. Albeit,

  1. SMS reports of your account balance will now be posted in the morning if you have prints on the previous day.
  2. This new arrange will kick on on the 1st of January 2016.

Please feel free to email me at samuel@heartzmail.com if you have any questions. Thumbs-up and thank you for staying with us!


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