Heartzmail: The Sword that is Collation, out of the window

Heartzmail users are die-hard regulars. Many of them have been using us for many years. It’s been a joy to see that we’re able to add value to the relationships they’ve been developing with their clients.

Except that for two to three times, I had wished I’m born tomorrow. And it’s nothing more than a nightmare of our own making - caused by collation errors.

This means the front and back of the cards are printed wrongly. And this also means that the wrong card can be inserted into the wrong envelope because we used to print the addresses on the envelopes.

A little about why

We’ve invested in more automation in the past couple of years by adding new machines. Our lovely staff even labelled these machines with names such as “betty”, “nancy”, etc. I thought that was quite an adorable idea - till I realise that storms are named after women too.

These machines needed the very same love, respect, care and treatment and they have all manner of ways to remind us.

It’s not easy to understand all the issues. So for sanity’s sake - we just need to love and care for them.

The blissful way

Here’s the non-romantic version, but just as blissful. Heartzmail must be collation error-free. After weighing our options long and hard, we’ve made a decision to print both the front and back of the cards in full colours. This means that they full duplex printed in our production laser printer - no more front/back collation error - zilch!

And to kill the envelope insertion errors, we’ve decided to use the more costly window envelopes so that the addresses are now printed on the back of the cards - no more envelope insertion collation error - zilch!

And they lived happily ever after

Yes we hope - and cheers for now!

ps: many have told us that the cards are looking more beautiful than before. That’s really good to hear.


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